our mission

To Bridge the Gap to adulthood for people with autism and IDDs to live meaningful, enriched lives.

We provide opportunities for people to connect, work, learn, live, and explore new interests with their peers.

our vision


Our work builds lifelong skills for independence by tapping into the power of community, adventure, and evidence-based care.

young adult rock climbing

our values

our Philosophy


We hold a steadfast belief in the statement “nothing about us without us.” Each REVELer is the most important voice in advocating for their values, goals, and care.


Neurodivergence isn’t something to “cure” or “fix.” We cater to each person’s unique strengths with adaptive care that supports positive identity development.


Collaboration is stronger than coercion. We minimize reactive and restrictive interventions by proactively communicating and spotting behavioral patterns early.


the Rearview

  • REVEL starts as an after school program to promote social interactions with peers.
  • Our pilot program begins with 4 individuals.
  • REVEL moves to a larger building to allow for program growth.
  • We increase the number of clients we serve and expand to include services during the day.
  • REVEL expands services to include individualized behavior therapy.
  • We expand our funding to include Medicaid waivers so our services are accessible to all who need them.
  • We begin offering full day services five days a week.
  • REVEL launches our peer mentorship program which includes college interns specializing in related fields.
  • We work to develop strong partnerships in the community to enhance learning experiences.
  • We established partnerships with Denver, Cherry Creek, and Jefferson County school district transition programs to reach out to our community.
  • During the pandemic, REVEL pivots to offer telehealth services to support connection and learning.
  • We resume in person services as soon as we are able while adhering to COVID safety regulations.
  • REVEL moves into a new building in the heart of RiNo that is specifically designed for us and our clients.
  • We expand by adding evening hours in our schedule.
  • Over the summer, we pilot a Summer Teen Group.
  • Our overall clients continue to grow as we surpass 20.
  • We offer monthly experiences for high school transition programs to learn about our programs and options after school ends.
group of young adults outdoors
  • REVEL introduces Outdoor Adventure Experience Camps.
  • We grow our reach to 35 clients while expanding our geographic areas.
  • Outreach to the community expands through partnerships with Easterseals, the Denver Police Department, and more.
  • We offer programming on Saturdays to increase opportunities for social connection.
young adults working at coffee shop
  • REV UP (our employment vision) officially launches
    • Sustainable and thriving long term paid employment
    • Residential community
    • Mountain camp
    • Greenhouse, farm to table, environmental sustainability
    • Robust alumni network of REVELers
    • Statewide expansion

Ultimately, we plan to change the perception of people with disabilities in our community and beyond!



“Anyone can sit adults with autism and IDD down in front of a TV and feed them chicken nuggets, but how is that helping these adults grow? When you teach them how to cook, to do their nighttime routine, how to use public transportation, ask for help, advocate for themselves, play games with friends, etc., it adds meaning and purpose to their lives.”

– Kim Birch, Parent of REVELer

see our

young adults sitting on a bench at an art gallery

These are the faces of new friends! As our community continues to grow, each one of these beautiful humans gives us renewed inspiration to show up and break down barriers together.

In Good


Diverse backgrounds, intensive training, and endless compassion make our team truly one of a kind. We learn from our teammates and REVELers with curiosity, evolving our approach for the better every day.


in Good