We help neurodiverse teens and adults find their passions, potential, and joy


Breaking Barriers.
Building Community.

People with autism and IDDs face challenges that the people around them don’t see. When these invisible walls feel too big, they stand in the way of connection, independence, and a sense of belonging. Our purpose is to break down barriers and bridge the gap to a rich, meaningful life.

young adults at train station


We believe all people can learn, work, and explore together, even if it looks different for everyone. Our programs empower REVELers by putting friends at their sides and coaches at their backs.

Where you can be yourself,

not by yourself.

We do it because…




people are diagnosed

with autism

Most services end at age


but learning doesn’t




haven’t seen or spoken to friends

in a year

Get to Know Our


Will forms connections with everyone he meets! He has an uncanny ability to make anyone feel appreciated, thanks in part to his great memory. He takes note of the little details and often brings them back up in unexpected compliments.

When Alyson came to REVEL, one of her values was intelligence — and she’s lived up to it. She’s learning about 10 languages at once alongside her passion project in digital art and Photoshop. (Ask her to show you the dinosaurs at Buckingham Palace!)

Vince brought joy to others from the moment he walked in. He’s shown a ton of progress in breaking down walls and using his voice to share. He was one of our quietest, but now he loves to tell us about his basketball team and crack jokes!

You Make the Path Possible

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young adult dressed in fire protection gear spraying a hose

become a


Make an impact as a positive and energetic role model who inspires REVELers to live to the fullest.

become a


We partner with local businesses and organizations to help REVELers gain work experience and real-world exposure.