Each month, we highlight REVELers who embody our values.


Our REVELers have created a community that is full of friendship and joy, with jokes and smiles for everyone. Through our programming, many REVELers get to do things that others in Colorado might never have experienced! Talk about breaking down barriers and being limitless!


“Aubrey has been crushing his sessions with me.”

-Michael, REVEL staff

Aubrey is our January REVELer of the month! Aubrey has really opened up at REVEL in the last several weeks. While Aubrey is soft spoken, he knows how to cut a rug! When in the tech room with a group of peers, he enjoys showing off his videos to the guys, and sometimes will dance and sing for them! And during “open mic” in dance class, he encourages peers to participate by dancing with them in the spotlight; he provides emotional support by being on stage with them! It is a really beautiful moment that highlights the connection and support that REVEL provides.

Aubrey is more motivated to join the groups when it is time and is realizing that joining the group and his friends isn’t as bad as he thought; it even comes with cool rewards such as a yummy snack he gets to eat after he makes it in the cooking group! At REVEL, we’ve had the privilege to watch him become more comfortable, confident and connected with REVELers and staff.


When Alyson came to REVEL, one of her values was intelligence and boy has Alyson lived up to this value! She’s currently learning about ten different languages (including Zulu) at once! In addition, she’s been working on digital art and photoshop as her passion project; ask her to show you the dinosaurs on the lawn at Buckingham Palace!

But in addition to being one of the smartest people we know, she also loves to make people laugh. During her time at REVEL, Alyson has become more social. When she first arrived, she would keep to herself, but now counts several other REVELers as her friends.

You can often find Alyson making funny noises to make others laugh; including all the staff! Along with this social confidence, Alyson really advocates for herself, especially when she’s the only girl in the group!


Vince is JOY!

From the moment he walks in the space, he seeks and brings joy to others. He has shown immense progress in value areas like breaking down walls and being limitless by using his voice and sharing himself more with others. Vince was one of our quietest clients, but now loves to tell us about his basketball team and crack jokes! When he found out he was REVELer of the month, he was so excited, he was singing along to the radio in the van all day!

Recently, at rock climbing, he showed up and climbed higher than he was comfortable with, but worked as hard as he could to fight through fear and use his community to support him. Check out our social media to see photos of Vince in action!


Will builds community by making connections with everyone he meets! He has an uncanny ability to make someone feel appreciated and special. One of the reasons he’s able to do this so naturally is because of his great memory; he can remember little things about a person and surprise you with an unexpected compliment. Will also shows up for his peers – in employment class, he was always willing to jump in and help out!

Will also demonstrates our value of being limitless. He was our first REVELer to have his art featured at REVEL in Art, as well as successfully finishing his second year of college!

Will brings joy every day through cracking jokes and making people smile with his joyful energy. REVEL wouldn’t be REVEL without Will!


At REVEL, you’ll have freedom of choice and a say in how you spend your time. We’re different because we’re out in the community, making connections, exploring new hobbies, and finding our passions! Learn more by reading about our different programs, and checking out our newsletters. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and get to know our community!

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